Electronic Library

The program of electronic library has been strated in the year of 2009, it became possible for all members in the  College to take advantage of its services from inside and outside .

 Electronic Library
Focuses on the following: the development and management of digital collections and access tools, the provision of electronic dissemination capabilities and services to visitors, staff and students of college or beyond, to provide and promote computing environment overall to them; to provide frameworks and systems to consolidate sources of information distributed, serving as a catalyst to address issues of electronic information within the college.

Electronic Library is divided into three main sections: -

1. Business Administration

Finance and accounting

3. Computers

Which is divided  to more sub-sections such as: Books for: - financial, accounting, technology operations, networks, computers, in addition to the applications and training.

And contains thesis's of masters and doctoral degrees.

Library Policy

E-Library has identified for itself and its users policies, taking into account the general policies of the library's electronic public services to the international network. Policies cover the entire infrastructure of the Department of Library Management and all employees and users and is binding on them.
The following key policies are:

1. Policy Provisioning
Policy loan
Policy of the technical processing services
5. Policy Guidance office and the behavior of users

Future policies: -

Service policy borrowing between libraries

Policy to use the Internet and access to electronic information (for staff only).

Library Hours

Official working hours from the time 8:00 to 14:30 from Sunday to Thursday, in every branch of the library.

CPU functional

Technical processing unit, is responsible for establishing and maintaining an online library catalog of all items held by libraries, indexing and acquisition, and chains.

Information Services Unit

Information Services Unit is responsible for providing quality services to library users include: -

Duties of the reference and circulation, and Metaphor

2. Driver library