Department Of Financial & Accounting Techniques

Department aims techniques of financial and accounting to create cadres of Technology specializing in finance and accounting to work in the banking and financial sector and other sectors of governmental and non-governmental organizations related to the use computer technology in accomplishing the tasks of accounting qualifies graduates to work in the areas of financial analysis of institutions in addition to accounting for financial institutions For management (portfolio) companies and the ability to use packaged applications in Finance and Accounting specializes section teaches the following topics:

1. Administrative issues, accounting, finance, banking insurance.

2. the use of computers, packaged applications, information management.

3. Preparation of a research project and the financial aspects of accounting.

Acceptance in the section: we accept in the section in addition to junior high school graduates two branches of scientific and literary proportion of graduates in the top institutes of technical education in accounting departments, banks, insurance as well as the Outstanding State services.

School system: It depends on the system partition is the annual four years as a course gives the student after a degree in accounting and financial techniques