Student Affairs Unit

Student Affairs Unit at the Technical College of Management / Kufa one of the main and important unit deals with several tasks, among them the following:

1 - Registration of students admitted at the beginning of the school year based on Central acceptance plan.

2 - The follow-up The Files of students. 

3 - Divided into sections for students of science.

4 - Completion of the identities of the students.

5 - Action endorsements students and answer the mail.

6 - Follow up program students counterfeiters.

7 - gripping the introduction of all students on a calculator through the device (Skinner).

8 - to open a database for students and all academic levels.

9 - the completion of transactions transportation and re-nomination in the faculties of the body.

10 - record-keeping for the college students and all academic levels, and the work of their statistics by age,  gender and province .... etc.. 

11 - ordering the delay and the failure of absence and punctuation limitation.